Arkansas Crawlers 4X4 Trail Ratings

We offer rides rated from 1 (easiest) to 5 (toughest) to help you get on the rides best suited to your vehicle and driving experience. Technical inspections may be conducted prior to leading vehicles on more challenging trails.

Level 1: Very scenic with 4 wheel drive needed occasionally
Level 2: Stock vehicles O.K.4 wheel drive needed a lot.
Level 3: Moderate challenge. Aggressive tires needed, rear locker recommended.
Level 4: High Challenge.33” + tire, rear lockers, and winch required. Expect some cosmetic and mechanical damage.
Level 5: Extreme.35+ tires, front and rear lockers, winch, and spare parts required. Only the strong should apply.

What hazards can I expect?

  • Underbrush and tree, paint scratches
  • Mud
  • Rocks
  • Deep water crossings
  • Off camber and steep hills

Our trail guides work hard to make your outings enjoyable, however these are simple guidelines and nature plays a hand in every adventure.

Prepare for the unexpected. We require all vehicles to have seatbelts, roll bars or steel hard top, front and rear tow hooks, tow strap, fire extinguisher, a jack and a spare tire. Additionally, we recommend vehicles have a first aid kit, and a CB radio. Trail guides reserves the right to conduct vehicle inspections prior to trail rides to ensure members the greatest enjoyment from their outing.

Bottled water, munchies, bug spray and dry clothes will also help you to enjoy your trip.